Stunning view close to a small creek, remotely located near the Gadoura dam.

How to go

40 km south of Rodos city on the way to Lindos there is a sign on the right "Old National Road" (after the crossroad Massari-Haraki). Follow the road for 2 km and turn on the right after the byzantine sign "iera moni agias trifeniatisas massarwn". Don't get confused with the first similar sign that you meet on the 1st km. Drive on the dirt road for about one km and here you are!!! The view is breathtaking especially if there is water flowing in the small creek. The routes are few - only three - plus boulder possibility.

Sector in Gadoura


There is one sector in Gadoura:

1 - Skilla VIII+

2 - Harivdi VIII-

3 - Kirki VI+

**Equipping 1,2,3 Nikos Voutiropoulos

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Thanks to Rodos Hoteliers Association for starting the project back in 2000 by sponsoring some routes. Thanks to Nikos V. for lighting up the climbing fire on the island, to Kiriakos Z. for continuing the projects, to Eric L. for bolt and material supplying, to Nikos P. for drilling hard lately! Thanks to Christina S. for keeping the climbing flame on Rodos all these years.