Rhodes (Rodos), Island


Rhodes (Rhodos – Rodos in Greek), the so called island of the roses, has a unique physical scenery that does not stop to impress its visitors. Also unique is its climate with more sunbathed days than any other place in Europe. With practically zero criminality, friendly and hospitable people you’ll be surprised how easy life in Rhodes can be.

Rhodes is the largest island of the Dodecanese and world famous for its Colossus. In the centre of the city of Rhodes lays the Medieval Town - UNESCO World Heritage - with a well-preserved Venetian castle, built by the Knights of St. John. Rhodes has a long history, a rich natural environment, unique climate, beautiful beaches and modern tourist infrastructure. These elements that have been around for decades make Rhodes one of the most popular tourist destinations at national and global level.

Besides Rock Climbing, there are lots of activities that you can do in Rodos. From exploring dozens of beautiful beaches around the island, to horseriding, sailing to nearby islands or ... clubbing and barflying in the nights. Many climbers they combine their climbing holiday with windsurfing or kitesurfing as Rodos is a worldclass watersport destination.

Check the link for Windsurfing information: Windsurfers' World

For Kitesurfing take a look at: Air Riders, Kite Pro Center

For more information about the island visit: City of Rhodes

Also visit: Rodos Tourism Promotion Organisation

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