Ladiko is the main climbing cliff in Rodos. Easy to find, short approach, many routes! You will find there a school sector but also harder routes with overhang, tufas or flat wall. In the summer shade is coming around 4 o'clock in the afternoon while the local goats come to visit you in the evening.

The view is spectacular, and the place very peaceful. The rock is limestone, sharp at a few points, and all the routes are very well equipped. Useful equipment :10-12 quickdraws for route repeating. After climbing, go swimming to nearby beaches, Ladiko or Anthony Quinn Bay.

How to go

ladiko access

17 km south of Rodos city, on the way to Lindos, just after Faliraki there is a sign on the left side to Antony Quinn and Ladiko beach. Follow the road that leads to Cathrin Hotel and just before the hotel, take the dirt road on the right, till the little parking close to a goats park. From there take the trail, pass the goats door (open and close it please...) and a 5 minute walk (sea on the left, cliff on the right) takes you to the climbing sections.

Sectors in Ladiko

ladiko sectors

There are 4 sectors:

* School and High School: Easy routes for beginners from 5a to 6c.

* Birds: Harder routes from 6a to 7a.

* Cave: Some nice overhanging routes with tufas.

equipping: giorgos voutiropoulos, dimitris bourazanis (16 routes sponsored by Rodos Hoteliers Association), nikos voutiropoulos, stelios skourtis, ito, stratos giamoukogloy, kostas kozas, kiriakos zervos, nikos poulopoulos, giorgos marias, michalis kelis


ladiko school
1 - Daphne V+ (kir.z)
2 - Ellinikos me oligi VIII- (kir.z)
3 - Macciato VII+ (nik.v -
4 - Cappuccino VII+ (str g.)
5 - Fredo VII- (kir.z)
6 - Chocolata VII+ (kir.z)
7 - Frappe VII (kir.z)
8 - Espresso VI (kir.z)
9 - Domingo VI (kir.z)
10 - Neoulis V (kir.z)
11 - Panoramix VII
12 - Asterix V+
13 - Obelix V+
14 - Nyhterida VI
15 - Geraki V
16 - Spourgiti V
17 - Tweety V-
18a - Charlie VI+ (kir.z)
18b - Chaplin VI (kir.z)

High School

ladiko school high
1 - Bolero ?? (kir.z)
2 - Salsa ?? (kir.z)


ladiko birds
1 - Helidoni VII-
2 - Perdika VII-
3 - Trigoni VIII VIII+
4 - Bekatsa VIII
5 - Peristeri VIII-
6 - Agrelia VII+
7 - Pikrodafni VIII+
8 - Rododafni VI+
9 - Fragosikia VI
10 - Agramithia VI
11 - Kedros VII
12 - Ligaria VI
13 - Butterfish VII
ladiko birds butterfish


ladiko cave
1 - Prinos VII+
2 - Korakas VIII-
3 - Aetos IX-
4 - Friends' nest VII+ (opened by the frenchies Thierry G and Eric L )
5 - Archangel Michael VIII+ (nik.p)
6 - Efseveis pothoi IX- (nik.v)
7 - Fourno VII (very nice tufa - ito)
8 - Mikrokymatwn VIII (nik.v)
9 - Fourno (2nd pitch) VIII+ (nik.v)
ladiko inside cave
ladiko cave right

1 - Condor VIII+ (good boulder move in the middle - nik.p)

2 - Tsalapeteinos VIII (nik.p)

ladiko cave small

Small cave much down of the big cave
1 - Butterfly1 ??? (nik.v -
2 - butterfly2 VIII?? (nik.v -

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Thanks to Rodos Hoteliers Association for starting the project back in 2000 by sponsoring some routes. Thanks to Nikos V. for lighting up the climbing fire on the island, to Kiriakos Z. for continuing the projects, to Eric L. for bolt and material supplying, to Nikos P. for drilling hard lately! Thanks to Christina S. for keeping the climbing flame on Rodos all these years.