Lindos sector is a future project. No routes exist there at the moment. We mention and stress the huge possibilities of the big wall mainly of its quality and also of its location. The cliff is very close to the main road, its huge and wide. Climbers are welcome to drill new lines and enjoy the magnificent Lindos and its surroundings.

How to go

The cliff is located just after Lindos before you reach Pefkoi.

Sector in Lindos


The great wall after Lindos just before Pefkoi


Another potential sector above Pefkoi

Both images taken from Climbing in Rhodes facebook page

About the website

The website was created and is maintained by tryxx. You can contact me at steliosx2 AT for new routes or any update.

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Thanks to Rodos Hoteliers Association for starting the project back in 2000 by sponsoring some routes. Thanks to Nikos V. for lighting up the climbing fire on the island, to Kiriakos Z. for continuing the projects, to Eric L. for bolt and material supplying, to Nikos P. for drilling hard lately! Thanks to Christina S. for keeping the climbing flame on Rodos all these years.